The CE mark in a nutshell

The CE mark can be described as informative labelling of a construction product and must be substantiated by documents specifying the product’s performance. A construction product with a CE mark can be freely marketed and sold throughout the European Union. The Construction Products Regulation requires the manufacturer to provide the following information to consumers:

  • The actual CE mark including essential performance characteristics and references
  • A declaration of performance (DoP)
  • Information in Danish, for example a user’s manual, assembly instructions and safety information 
  • In very special circumstances also a safety data sheet as required under the REACH Regulation

REACH Regulation

REACH is the EU Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. REACH imposes obligations on EU enterprises that manufacture, import, distribute or use chemical substances or compounds.

All documents must follow the construction products from the manufacturer or from the entity that places the construction product on the market through importers and distributors, making it available to customers such as contractors, technical consultants and construction clients.

Together with the declaration of performance, the CE mark provides an overview of a construction product’s ability to perform for a specific purpose.

In Denmark, the declaration of performance must be in Danish or English, but instructions such as the user manual, assembly instructions and safety information must always be in Danish.

As a general rule, the CE mark must be placed on the construction products. However, in some cases the CE mark may be placed on the packaging or may be given in accompanying documents. The declaration of performance may be provided in the form of an electronic reference, for example a reference to a website.

The CE mark and the declaration of performance can make it easier for a customer to assess whether the characteristics of a specific construction product make it suitable for use in a construction project and whether the construction product matches a client’s specifications in an order for customised work.

The declaration of performance forms the basis for the CE marking.

For some types of construction products it is a requirement that, as a supplement to the manufacturer’s own production control, a conformity assessment and/or certification body (notified body) monitors the process.

A CE mark should not be regarded as a quality label. Even if a construction product carries the CE mark there may be national building regulations which mean that a construction product may not be used, or may only to a limited extent be used, in buildings and structures in Denmark.

In principle, all construction products are covered by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), but national legislation concerning the marketing and sale of the products may apply. One example is construction products that come into contact with drinking water.