Danish Building Regulations

The Building Regulations constitute the specific regulatory framework on which the design and execution of buildings in Denmark must be based. This means that requirements for buildings can be found in these regulations. The vast majority of the requirements set out in the Building Regulations are functional requirements stipulating conditions that must be met, and which it must be possible to document. These functional requirements differ from detailed requirements in that they constitute an overall framework. A more detailed description is given in the next section (Processing and documentation of project material).

The Building Regulations implement the objectives of the Danish Building Act in a number of chapters:
Chapter 1 Administrative provisions
Chapter 2 Access
Chapter 3 Refuse systems
Chapter 4 Drains
Chapter 5 Fire
Chapter 6 User-operated facilities
Chapter 7 The building site and the execution of building work
Chapter 8 Building right and overall assessment
Chapter 9 Building layout
Chapter 10 Lifts
Chapter 11 Energy consumption
Chapter 12 Energy supply systems adjacent to buildings
Chapter 13 Pollution
Chapter 14 Moisture and wet rooms
Chapter 15 Structures
Chapter 16 Playgrounds
Chapter 17 Noise
Chapter 18 Light and view of the surroundings
Chapter 19 Thermal indoor climate and installations for heating and cooling systems
Chapter 20 Areas without buildings surrounding buildings
Chapter 21 Water
Chapter 22 Ventilation

Chapters 23 to 37 contain a number of additional provisions whose primary purpose is to support compliance with the other chapters.

It is very important for society that buildings are stable and resistant to the elements and able to withstand fire to an extent which ensures that both human life and items of value are protected insofar as possible. In Denmark this protection is achieved by the building regulations, which refer to Eurocodes with Danish national annexes setting out detailed technical rules on safety considerations in the design and execution of building projects.